How To Achieve A Perfect Tile Finish With Silicone

Abbas Youssefi
Abbas Youssefi
31st July 2020

When we asked Diary of a Tile Addict’s founder, Joe Simpson, for his top tip for DIY tilers, we were in for a surprise. The man who has probably toured more porcelain factories, and reviewed more new tile designs, than anyone else on the planet, came up with … a small plastic box containing three pieces of elegantly engineered silicone.

Why? Well, for Joe, the secret of successful tiling lies in the detailing; and the detail DIY tilers get wrong most often is the silicone sealant around bath tubs, sinks, etc.

Joe believes that the answer lies in getting your hand on a cheap, purpose-made, finishing kit for silicone and caulk application.

He has owned a three-piece Cramer Fugi-Kit for well over 10 years - as shown below - but says good alternatives are available from Karl Dahm, UniBond, Silifix, and others. There is even a more sophisticated 7-piece Fugi-Kit for the true silicone obsessive.

Joe's impeccably maintained Fugi-Kit

Even a small defects in a silicone joint can ruin an attractive bathroom: either by being intrinsically ugly, or by providing a breeding ground where traces of mildew or black mould will grow in time.

The Fugi-Kit delivers a professional solution for all different kinds of joints. In addition, this kit allows users to create perfect joints without the use of soapy water or release agent. Consequently the formation of mould is made nearly impossible, and the resulting silicone bead should be all but impeccable. Stylish bathtubs, elegant wash basins and quality-tiles all deserve the high-class surround that Cramer’s wonderful little tools can provide.

Smoothly does it

The three-part Fuji-Kit can be used in 16 different ways: one 180o angle, one 90 o angle, four 45 o angles, three concave grooves (with 5, 10, and 15mm radius), seven convex beads (from 3mm up to 30mm); and a swallow-tail tool for tight corners and hard-to-reach areas.

The benefits are optimum adhesion that prevents mould from forming underneath the silicone; the smoothest possible surface for ease of cleaning; time saving as no masking is required; simple grouting in small sections; easy blemish repairs; economic use of sealant as – with the right sized bead – there is almost no wastage; and suitability for use with all sealing compounds/caulking materials.

And Joe is not alone. Here are a few comments from other happy users of the Fugi-Kit.

“Excellent tool for a perfect finish.”

“The Fugi tools are a lifesaver, easy to use and mess free. You will never use your finger again!”

“Great product for getting a really good finish on sealant around the bath. Makes it simple.”

“After struggling to get a decent finish around shower tray, found this tool excellent. Does everything as described simply.”