Metro Tiles

Classic or contemporary? Traditional or trend-led? Choose our metro tiles and your walls will be whatever you want them to be. Contrast plain white metros with dark grey grout for an edgy urban apartment, create an eye-catching feature wall with the oversized Metro XL range or add duck egg blue bevelled tiles to any splash back for a soft, country style.

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Metro tiles, sometimes called subway tiles, have been one of the tiling sensations of the past decade, and judging by the volumes we sell, they show no signs of going out of fashion. It’s hardly surprising why when you see a well-made set adorning a wall in a bathroom or kitchen, but they are no longer restricted to the “wet” rooms of the house, such is the beauty they bring.

If the Metro look evokes the Victorian period in your mind, it’s no wonder. These were the tiles that covered the stations in the London Underground when it was first built in the 1800s. They were white simply because it could get dark down there pre-electrification, and they reflected more light. Not only did the style become the accepted grammar of underground stations around the world – it remains the natural choice in new stations too.

The real beauty of the Metro comes in the detailing. From a distance they might all look like uniform tiling in the colour chosen. But step closer and you can see intricate effects like the crackled glaze they truly bring the era to life.

And don’t assume Metro tiles have to be white to get the look. They are available in the complete range of colours, just as they were in the original stations as an assistance to identifying stations and giving local flavour. Consider breaking up large white areas with lines and geometric patterns in a different colour and the look is complete.

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