We love stone, but we love porcelain even more...

There's no point hiding it, we love stone tiles. But if we had to pick between porcelain or stone tiles... porcelain wins hands down. There's so many reasons why:

Which is best for my bank balance?

 We're sure you already know about our amazing value. Most of our tiles are between £20 and £40 per square metre, and this is for the finest Italian porcelain tiles. Comparable stone costs from £40 upwards. It's quite easy to pay over £100 per square metre.

And bear in mind the 'lifetime' costs. Porcelain requires no special care - whereas you'll probably need to re-seal your stone every year.

How easy are they to install?

Stone's a nightmare. First of all there's the sealing - lots of it. And your tiler will need a water cutter for all his cuts - this is messy and takes time. Porcelain is a dream in comparison. There's no sealing at all and most cuts can be done in a matter of seconds on a 'dry' cutter.

Which is better for the environment?

One of these contains recycled material, is produced in responsible factories and is certified to ensure its green credentials. The other is blasted out of a quarry, probably in a country with a dubious environmental policy.

I have a busy family home...

Porcelain's very durable and forgiving. It's stain and water resistant so you won't need to worry about spilling or dropping things and there'll be no sign of wear in years to come. If you choose stone you'll forever be worrying about spills and cracks.

How are they produced and packaged?

The finest raw materials are used in porcelain tiles. Each individual tile is scanned for imperfections. Tiles arrived packaged in branded boxes arranged neatly on a pallet. All porcelain has to pass strict European tests. Stone is blasted out of a quarry. It's rarely packaged in boxes - instead the tiles are bundled into a crate and left to the elements. There's no way of knowing the actual quality of the stone tiles.

But does porcelain look as good as stone?

Easy answer, yes.

Our stone-effect tiles are produced using cutting-edge 'ink-jet' technology. This effectively gives an ultra high-definition print of a stone tile. It looks just like the real deal, and any imperfections can be removed in the design phase. If you lay a porcelain tile next to stone we really don't think you'd know which is which. It's that realistic.