Metro Tiles Buying Guide | Porcelain Superstore

Mind the gap

Metro tiles are everywhere these days and with good reason - they're incredibly good value for money and give an instant update to any room. Walk past a stylish cafe or a trendy bar and it's a pretty safe bet you'll see some metro tiles on their walls.

What is a metro tile?

As the name suggests, Metro tiles are inspired by the shape of the much loved tiles found throughout London Underground stations. Their elegant brick shape gives any wall a modern-meets-retro vibe, perfect for the latest trends in interior design. Metro tiles may have a bevelled edge which gives a distinct, geometric finish or a flat surface for clean and crisp designs. Crackled metro tiles have hairline cracks on the surface to give off a lived and loved appearance. The most popular sizes are the classic 10 x 20 cm rectangle and the sleek 7.5 x 15 cm brick.

The interior designer's secret weapon

We've got plenty of colours in our range so whether you're looking to keep things simple with white or you wish to inject some colour into your room we've got the metro tile for you. They're the perfect tile for stamping your personality onto a room. Plenty of interior designers and architects use our metro tiles as they complement almost all interior design schemes and properties of any age. We think metro tiles are especially good if you're looking to recreate a shabby chic, vintage or industrial vibe in your home.

Use On Any Wall

Most of our customers tend to use metro tiles in the obvious places - splashbacks in kitchens and cloakrooms, bathroom walls and wetroom feature panels. However, the glossy surface of metro tiles makes them a great choice for almost any wall in your home or work space as they're so easy to keep clean. A quick wipe down with a damp cloth will remove most stains.

The Brick Effect

Without a doubt the most popular way to lay metro tiles is using the classic brick-bond joint. This way, the grout joint itself becomes a feature, especially if you use a contrasting grout colour. It's incredible to see a relatively inexpensive tile turn a wall into a design statement. If you'd like to be a little different, why not lay your tiles in a herringbone pattern or stagger the joints at random?

Installing Metro Tiles

Although we always recommend using a professional tiler, metro tiles are a great choice if you fancy tiling your new walls yourself. As they're made from ceramic, you can use ready-mixed wall tile adhesive which keeps things quick, easy and relatively clean. Be sure to take your time and keep checking the level of the tile with a spirit level. If you're using crackle tiles on your walls you should seal them before and after your grout. Our penetrating sealer will do the trick.