A story of beauty, craft and passion...

It's little wonder that the vast majority of our tiles have Made in Italy stamped on their boxes. From fast cars to slow food, sleek kitchens to chic fashion, Italy is the undisputed leader in making things with heart and soul. We source most of our tiles from the Emilio Romagna region of northern Italy, an area with a proud tradition in design, manufacturing and, of course, food.


A culture of stylish design

Even by Italian standards, this is an area that's well-dressed and looks good. It's little wonder that it's also the home of Ferrari and Maserati. We work with manufacturers that share this unrivalled flair for design and creativity.

Investment in innovation

We work with factories that invest heavily in R&D. They're world leaders in 'ink-jet printing', producing porcelain tiles that are so life-like it's virtually impossible to tell the difference between tile and stone, or tile and timber.

Unbeatable quality

Every single porcelain range we offer is backed up by a host of European certificates and regulations. This simply means that the tiles you buy are first quality, fit for purpose and have passed a range of stringent tests.

Good for the environment

Unlike natural stone or timber, our porcelain tiles don't require a polluting quarry or the felling of trees. Instead, they contain a degree of recycled material and our tiles are produced in factories that are Ecolabel and LEED certified - rewarding their strict environmental performance.