Moroccan Tiles

Less is more? Not when it comes to our collection of Moroccan floor tiles. A celebration of vibrant Moorish design, they’re full of colour, life and pattern - just like the souks of Casablanca itself. Perfect for fun-loving floors, these tiles are the opposite of pared-back minimalism and they’re guaranteed to catch the eye.

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Looking for something a little special? Why not transform your floors into works of art with our lovely Moroccan tiles? Whether you love the sultry souk look or take inspiration from bustling bazaars, these tiles will give your home an exotic flavour.

Moorish design is famous for its use of geometric patterns, and one of the best is Dolce Cube. The individual tiles form a 3D pattern which is pretty much guaranteed to make a style statement. We’ve also got some rather delightful decorative hexagons if that’s what floats your boat. We’ll have ours in Persian Blue, please.

Feeling adventurous? Choose a multi-coloured patchwork design to make a great first impression in your porch or hallway. Who can resist the vibrant riot of pattern and colour known as Moroccan Mix? If you like the style but fancy something a little muted, check out Tapestry Blue. It’s the perfect choice for creating eye-catching interiors and there’s a plain tile to match, to tone things down.

And remember, don’t be afraid to get creative! Moroccan tiles are pretty vibrant so you don’t have to go all-out to get the wow effect. Sometimes, a little feature panel here or splashback there is all it takes to stir the soul. So if you’re on a tight budget these designs are a great way to get the magazine look without breaking the bank.