Marble Effect Tiles

Long for the luxurious effect of marble? Who doesn’t! Unfortunately, few of us have the budget or the patience to maintain the real thing. But it doesn’t matter anyway, as our range of marble effect floor tiles look just as good, cost much less and are incredibly easy to live with. Porcelain perfection, in other words!

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If you think marble is an expensive material to clad walls and floors with, you’re right. As well as being geographically rare, in needs to be expertly cut from rock faces, smoothed and transported, and that all adds up. But what a look you get – the intricate, almost organic patterns and the colour differences that are both subtle and stark within the same area.

Well now, for a fraction of the price of a natural marble floor, you can achieve a genuinely striking look by using our porcelain marble effect floor tiles. The manufacturers have excelled themselves in their technique for reproducing the effect that nature creates, and we think you would have to be quite the geologist to tell the difference. Just like with real marble, there’s a vast array of shades and effects to choose from. There’s a clean white for a classic Graeco-Roman marble effect, the pink rippled appearance and the stark, high-contrast veined style that suits a bold and confidently decorated room.

The look doesn’t have to be restricted to the floor, either. We also stock marble effect wall tiles, which set off the kitchen or bathroom perfectly, but in reality they will fit stylishly in wherever you want to achieve a classic, opulent look but don’t want to break the bank. And don’t forget, because Porcelain Superstore source direct from manufacturers and don’t have expensive showrooms, you’ll save even more.