Porcelain Perfection in This Aosta Valley Oasis

OK! Lockdown is over and you’ve just pocketed a tidy sum on the National Lottery. Now all you’ve got to do is choose the perfect holiday location for you next holiday with family and friends.

At Porcelain Superstore we love three things: Italian food, overseas travel; and designer tiles. So, when it is finally time to pack our bags, we’re off to Hotel CampZero.

Hotel CampZero

Located in Champoluc, at the foot of Monte Rosa, Hotel CampZero is the first Active Luxury Resort in Italy’s Aosta Valley. It is the perfect setting for mountain, sport, well-being, and tile enthusiasts. Here, natural elements and attention to detail come together in an extremely high-impact design that offers a unique and avant-garde experience.

This activity hotel features 30 rooms of different types spanning two levels, a 25-metre pool, a well-being area, a fitness room, an indoor climbing gym and, in winter, a real ice waterfall down one of the external walls of the building that can be climbed in piolet traction. The resort is the brainchild of former Fastweb owner, Silvio Scaglia, and his wife Monica, who fell in love with the Aosta Valley; particularly Ayas in which Champoluc lies.

Not a climbing wall, but a climbing gym

€15 million has been invested into this brand-new project, developed by the Architettura Bladidea Studio. The striking, innovative, yet naturalistic architecture fits perfectly with the alpine environment. The relatively modest built-up area comprises traditional medium-sized buildings, while the ground floor is situated below a Y-shaped slab with green roof, the central section of which lifts up and links to the natural terrain at the three extremities, making the most of the site’s impressive morphology.

The slab is then intersected by a multi-functional central space, the rock, into which three blocks of ten bedrooms converge, its external walls partially used for the winter ice climbing.

The final result is that of a complex with a discontinuous skyline, the volumes of which integrate with the natural surroundings without removing the fringe between meadow and wood, in line with the development of some alpine villages around erratic rocks, the homes built up against them.

Bladidea Studio used a very restricted palette of materials on this project, all rich in energy and style. Caesar, one of Italy’s leading tile manufacturers, proved an ideal partner for the elegant and functional dressing of the structure’s spaces, halls, bedrooms, bathrooms, sky room, service spaces, and more besides.

The versatility of this Italian producer’s vast porcelain portfolio has been fully exploited here. The range’s versatility ensures aesthetic coherence with the countryside setting by realistically representing the environment with its colours, material inspirations, and finishes.

Naturally-inspired materials offer a soothing ambience in the wellness areas

Stone, wood, and metal all serve as the inspiration for Caesar ceramics, the products retaining the natural look of the raw materials, and combining this with the functional and environmentally sustainable characteristics typical of porcelain tile.

Stone, in its different essences, is a style chosen for many of the walls and floors in Hotel CampZero. The suggestive interpretation of Roxstones quartzite defines the bathroom and bedroom areas, while the Verse Blend Design, which draws on various finely chiselled stones, characterises the restaurant and kitchen.

Stone also dominates in the technical variations used in the sky room, where the Lipico marble of Slab by Caesar Contract Solutions stands out, and the pool, where special pieces for the edge of the Aquae Wellness Project belong to the dedicated Absolute series.

The stylistic approach is rounded out with the Vibe wood-effect, used in the hall in various guises and shades, and the Trace metal effect in its Mint colour variant, of great visual impact.

The many aesthetic solutions offered by Caesar porcelain tile responded perfectly to the need for both high-level technological performance and environmental respect, two areas that Hotel CampZero includes among its main missions, thus making for a very valid partnership.

This truly is an inspirational oasis, proof positive that there is so much more to enjoy in Italy than it’s famous cities and beach resorts. Enjoy the dream!