Pizazz Potential From Across The Pond

Waterworks, the iconic US-based kitchen and bathroom company, was founded by the parents of current CEO and Creative Director, Peter Sallick, more than four decades ago. Sallick has spent the past 25 years building on that proud foundation to create a company that is extraordinarily committed to its clients, and the integrity of everything it offers.

Waterworks’ mission has remained steadfast: to elevate the quality of every facet of the bathroom and kitchen experience, through a focus on design authenticity, meticulous craftsmanship, and service excellence. This sounds very, very familiar to all of us at Porcelain Superstore. We may be a far younger company, but we totally share Sallick’s passion and commitment. We hope this comes through in the enormous care that goes into our product portfolio, and also through our complete dedication to customer care.

To develop a product collection that is second to none, Waterworks developed in-house design and engineering capabilities, and built close relationships with specialist workshops and factories. Porcelain Superstore takes similar care in the selection of our tile manufacturing partners, mainly located in Spain and Italy. We work very closely with them to offer a complete suite of modern tile designs that are well aligned to prevailing UK taste; but we are also willing to go a step further in pursuit of the exceptional and the excellent.

One of Waterworks’ current baths tubs – Arcos – is emblematic of the European and American mid-century inspiration that drives the company’s aesthetic. Through engineering innovation and a focus on detail, this design is warm, organic, luxurious, and thoroughly modern. The freestanding Arcos bathtub measures 70in by 32in by 24in: generous but not too dominant. It is available in both mall and gloss white finishes. Let's have a look at that perfect profile.

At Porcelain Superstore we really love an unusual pairing, so setting this sleek white tub against bold terrazzo walls - as shown below - is a stroke of genius.

It lets the form of the tub really pop, while at the same time allowing the room to feature a range of colours in a very natural and unforced manner. Home owners can simply pick up one of the tones from the stone inclusions for use as an accent colour for skirting boards or mirror frames, to achieve a subtle co-ordinated look.

Portico, our terrazzo-inspired range, has just the right vibe but still comes in under £35 per sq. metre. Intended for use as a floor tile, this design also delivers on the wall with a kaleidoscopic offering of speckled colour and marble chips that will make your bathroom sing.

Portico is truly versatile. Its size - 452 by 452mm - means that it is perfect for crafting practical bathroom walls that really catch the eye. The result: total trans-Atlantic class achieved without breaking the budget.