Fashion, Form, and Future-Proof Function

The bathroom should be a place that feels comfortable at any stage of your life. Yet, many people, as they get older, can find this place of relaxation and elegant function becomes out-dated, and harder to use. A simple make-over will only elevate the aesthetic, but also future-proof this important room.

Leading bathroom brand Kaldewei offers a range of flexible bathrooms that stylishly meet both current and future, without overstretching the budget. As more and more UK homes have to address the design issues around multi-generational cohabitation, the bathroom needs to be a welcoming private space designed to ensure personal hygiene independence, regardless of age.

Developers increasingly opt for a floor-level shower to replace the bath and for good reason. Floor-flush showers create a seamless transition to the floor, improving comfort, safety, and visual appeal. They help to make the room appear bigger and also provide ease of access with trip hazards.

Kaldewei has a portfolio of more than 100,000 solutions for floor-level shower areas. Upgrades benefit particularly from large-size shower surfaces, as they can be easily and inexpensively installed in place of a bath. For many models, shower surfaces have the option of a slip-resistant coating, such as Kaldewei Secure Plus, for additional safety at no extra cost.

And our tile portfolio is the perfect finish for these multi-generation spaces, offering durable, easy maintenance surfaces that also look stunning.

Kaldewei’s steel enamel washbasins are the perfect match for a floor-level enamelled shower surface. They are available in a variety of sizes and designs, including several wheelchair-accessible wall-hung models. As this example shows, a countertop washbasin with wall-hung bathroom furniture is ideal where extra utility space is essential.

Kaldewei - Before Before - Dull and drab
Kaldewei - After After - Fresh and modern

These before and after shots of a typical family bathroom prove that easy access and trip prevention actually improves the look of the room and provides a great sense of space. It also shows how simple white sanitary-ware, paired with a splash of colour from a feature wall, can benefit from the cool, contemporary vibe delivered by large format grey tiles. And you won’t have to look far to find some great tile options for this style of bathroom makeover in our portfolio.

Kaldewei Bathroom After - A stylish and functional bathroom for the family

Let’s start with Lakeland Grey. Attractive, durable, and reasonably priced, this Spanish designer tile will raise the level of drama with its darker grey hues, but still deliver a timeless beauty. Inspired by the classic natural slate mined in the Lake District, this 9mm matt finish porcelain comes in an impressive 310 by 610mm rectangular format, ideal for the horizontal setting shown here.

Lakeland Grey Lakeland Grey
Concrete Grey Concrete Grey

Or you could take a more urban route with Concrete Grey. Also from Spain, this has a steely colour palette and tactile finish to provide an abundance of depth and character. It is similarly sized at 303 by 613mm

Finally, cast your eye over Berlin Grey. This design also has an urban style but takes a softer turn with warm grey tones that are just perfect for modern bathrooms.

Berlin Grey Tiles

Inspired by concrete, these tiles come in a striking 250 by 760mm format that can really rock in a smaller bathroom. And there is even a matching textured decor tile to add a tactile touch to feature walls.

For a matching floor, grey works well with other neutrals. We’re fans of the ‘grey with grain’ look, so why not pair these slick wall tiles with wood-effect planks, for the last word in timeless elegance?

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