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Capture The Panache Of Voodoo Ray’s

The tiling triumph of Voodoo Ray’s in Dalston, London takes the standard glazed 150 by 150mm ceramic tiles to new abstract levels. A pizza restaurant may seem an odd place to look for interior design inspiration but there are a few aspects of this space that would translate delightfully into a home.

Voodoo Rays

Take for example the classic square: a standard shape that may seem lacking imagination; just a little too obvious, too sterile, too basic. But that’s where on-trend Zellige tiles can take over. They take this easy format and fill it with age-old charm, texture, and variety.

Our Zellige collection has all the personality of hand-made and reclaimed tiles without the price tag. The Black, Pearl, and Grey tiles are complimented by two gorgeous colourful shades. The lively Teal and calming Blue are incredibly impactful when used across large areas, and work nicely with their neutral counterparts.

Voodoo Rays
Voodoo Rays

The use of colour throughout Voodoo Ray’s offers a whimsical atmosphere and retro feel. To play with colour-blocking in a similar set of pastel tones, our elongated metros (75 by 300mm) are perfect. The Pastel range, as the name implies, offers a variety of pastel shades that look incredible when mixed and matched throughout one space. To similarly dupe Voodoo Ray’s one could use Pastels Lemon placed vertically across an interior pillar, while Pastels Pink and Sky mix on the walls, with Opal Sky decorating the sides of the counter.

Voodoo Ray’s is a characterful and inspiring space, and although one might not wish to have ‘Pizza’ tiled across your kitchen walls, why not delight in the fun to be found with colour?

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