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Advantages Of Porcelain Tiles

Perfect for pretty much anywhere

We're not the only ones who think porcelain tiles are the perfect choice for walls and floors up and down the country. Take a look next time you're in hotel, bar, restaurant or shop and you'll probably find a tile used somewhere. And with good reason - as well as being great value for money, porcelain tile has many advantages over other materials such as natural stone, carpet, timber and laminate. Here's why.

Incredibly easy to live with

A huge benefit of porcelain tiles is how little maintenance they need to keep their good looks. They don’t need any sealing, waxing or polishing when they’re laid or on-going. Unlike carpet, there’s nowhere for dust to hide so the vacuum won’t be out every five minutes. Even textured porcelain tiles are a doddle to sweep clean with a brush. And if you think your tiles do need a clean put those nasty chemicals away – a damp mop and warm water will do the trick.

Highly resistant to stains

We’ve all experienced the horror of spilling a glass of red wine onto a light carpet and trying every old wives’ tale in a vain effort to remove the stain. It’s not just carpet that’s easily stained – natural stone requires constant sealing to stop even water leaving a mark. Because porcelain tiles are virtually impervious it’s very difficult for wine, water and any other liquid to penetrate the surface. So when you spill something onto your newly tiled floor you can breath a sigh of relief and relax.

Porcelain planks don't rot or warp

Unlike laminate or real wood floors which can rot and swell when exposed to moisture, wood effect tiles are completely non porous and unaffected by water. So they be used safely in bathroom and other areas which frequently get wet, such as balconies, patios and swimming pools. And if you're thinking of using porcelain tiles your bathroom or wetroom, why not install underfloor heating to quickly dry up any splashes of water?

Extremely hardwearing

As porcelain tiles are immensely strong and durable, wear and tear becomes a thing of the past. Unlike natural stone and ceramic tiles, they won’t chip or crack easily and it takes an awful lot to damage the surface. They’re the ideal covering for busy areas throughout homes, offices, shops, bars and more. It’s also important to remember that as tiles are so durable and long lasting there’s no need to replace them after a couple of years. Great for your back pocket!


Contemporary extensions blur the traditional boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. One of the best ways to achieve this look is to use the same porcelain tile inside your living space and on your patio. Porcelain tile's won't crack in cold weather nor fade when the sun shines. In fact, they'll cope with anything our inclement British weather throws at them! Given our wet climate, it's a good idea to choose a slip resistant design so get in touch if you need any help.

Great with underfloor heating

Designers love using underfloor heating as it allows them to lose ugly radiators and open up more valuable wall space. However, we think underfloor heating mats should be an affordable luxury and not just reserved for Grand Designs. Using porcelain tiles with underfloor heating mats means you'll experience a more comfortable, radiant heat than traditional radiators and you'll be able to 'zone off' different rooms for greater energy efficiency and lower bills.

Environmentally Friendly

Porcelain tiles are a great choice for the environment as There's a number of reasons why porcelain tiles are better for the environment than almost any other wall or floor covering. We’ve carefully chosen to source tiles from European factories that care about our planet and work hard to reduce their impact – for example, waste glass bottles and TV screens are recycled into tiles rather than being sent to landfill. Unlike other floors, porcelain tiles are inert and don’t give off nasty VOCs that harm the atmosphere. Nor do they need to be treated or cleaned with chemicals – warm water should suffice for daily cleaning.